The lawyers at the Larson Law Firm have dedicated their practice to estate and business planning exclusively for physicians and dentists in all 50 states. Unlike a general practice firm, we will not have a personal injury case one day, a traffic ticket the next, and then draft a will or an LLC on the side. Our focus will always be on your estate planning and business needs and keeping them consistent with relevant law changes.

We are dedicated to working with integrity to deliver premier estate and business plans with unmatched client service. We believe that our reputation and the growth of our firm is built on lasting relationships with our clients and therefore place value on each individual client’s needs.

Our Planning Process

In estate planning, every case is different, but the priorities remain the same. For every estate plan our goal is to guide you through the estate planning process and ensure that you understand the priorities and have them covered.

Priority One: Basic Estate Plan

We will ensure that you have the basic estate planning documents (Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Living Will or Healthcare Directive, Last Will & Testament). These documents will ensure that someone will always be there to manage your affairs, and that guardians will be appointed for your minor children.

Priority Two: Probate Avoidance & Estate Tax Minimization

Our lawyers will make sure that you have the right documents in place to avoid both probate costs and delays as well as large estate tax implications related to having a large estate. You may think that you will never be above the large estate tax exemption, but if you include retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and your home — you may be closer than you think.

Priority Three: Asset Protection

Asset Protection planning could mean protection from lawsuits, from long-term care costs, or asset protection for your beneficiaries. What happens if you are sued? What happens if your spouse gets remarried after you die? What happens if your children are sued or get divorced? Our attorneys will make sure that you have your property titled in the most efficient way and that you have the right documents in place with adequate provisions included to protect your assets.

Priority Four: Advanced Family Planning

Advanced family planning is needed for a small portion of our estate planning clients. This may be necessary if you have a very large estate, if you have a valuable family business, or if you want to set up a long-term gifting pattern, but wish to take advantage of all the tax exemptions.

Important Note Regarding Estate Plan Maintenance: Even if all the above priorities are covered, it is important to update and maintain your plan through lifestyle and family changes. We recommend reviewing your estate plan at least annually with an attorney to ensure that your documents stay up to date. Also, annual reviews of your estate plan and asset situation will guarantee that you have all the right documents ahead of time, as opposed to trying to remedy a situation that has already occurred.