There are many times in your life and in your profession that require you to sign a contract. Signing a contract can be beneficial for you, but it can also act to take away some of your rights. It is always best to have your contracts reviewed by an attorney prior to signing. This will ensure that there is someone on your side taking a look at the document and defending your rights in the negotiation.

Legal Document Review

Any legal documents that would create an obligation or create or limit your rights should be reviewed by an attorney. Remember, if you did not draft the contract, the other party’s attorney probably did. That attorney has the other party’s best interests in mind, not yours.

Physician Employment Contract Review

There are many complex issues that must be understood and negotiated as part of your employment agreement. There are a number of clauses in a doctor’s contract that must be understood prior to signing and can be negotiated including: compensation, duties, call coverage, non-compete clauses, term and termination, malpractice coverage, continuing education, doctor-client confidentiality and ancillary services and entities. Many of these issues are unique to dentists and physicians, including issues that may implicate the Stark Law or the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute. Each state also has differing laws that affect physician employment.

Our attorneys have drafted and reviewed numerous employment agreements for physicians and dentists. We are well versed in the language and specific situations facing physicians and other health care providers in their employment agreements. We will alert you to specific clauses and problem areas which may cause unexpected liability and suggest new terms to make the contract more favorable. We can advise you on restrictive covenants, tail-coverage scenarios, and compensation strategies to put you in the best position possible to sign that final contract and start a healthy relationship with your new employer.