With video legacy planning, you have the opportunity to leave a personal message for your beneficiaries.  This could be anything from your online account passwords to saying “I love you” one more time.  We believe this is an excellent way to help our clients pass their legacies and values on to the next generation.

Video Legacy Planning can be especially useful for clients that may be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  We can give you the opportunity to put your thoughts on tape before it is too late.

What is the Process for a Video Legacy Plan?

Our staff will set up a convenient time for you to come into our office to film your Video Legacy Plan. Prior to meeting, we will send you a set of questions that you should begin thinking of answers you will give once on video. When you arrive on the day of your appointment, you should bring in some family pictures that you would like to include on your Video Legacy Plan. We will go over your answers and ask if there is anything else you would like to talk about on camera. Once you are ready, we will take you to our recording room where you will answer the questions on camera. Your footage will then be sent to a video editor (confidentiality is maintained) who will edit your video for content, and will add in music and pictures of your family. The final product will be sent to you on a DVD disc. For clients with our maintenance plan, these Video Legacy Plans can be updated annually, so that you will have a running history of your family legacy.