Even if you already have an estate plan, the Larson Law Firm can review your estate plan and send you an evaluation.  The evaluation will tell you what your estate plan says, and how it could be improved upon.

Questions to Consider When Reviewing Your Estate Plan

How old is my estate plan?

Have the laws changed since my estate plan was drafted?

Have my assets changed (or increased in value) since my estate plan was drafted?

Are my children still capable of managing their funds at the ages specified in my estate plan?

Have I acquired any new life insurance policies since my estate plan was drafted?

How Will the Larson Law Firm Evaluate My Estate Plan?

If you contact our firm, we will review your family and financial situation and tell you if your plan is still the best for you. For example, if you have acquired large life insurance policies since a Revocable Living Trust was drafted, the death benefit may put you over the estate tax exemption, meaning much of that money will be used to pay taxes. Advanced planning techniques, such as an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, can prevent this. If you come into our firm for an estate plan evaluation, we will tell you what your documents say, who is nominated, and exactly what will happen at your death.